Dr Kate Bagnall 白碧 BA Hons, PhD

ABN 38 520 502 702

Email       kate.bagnall@gmail.com
Twitter    @baibi

Postal address
PO Box 7160, Watson ACT 2602, Australia

Humanities Commons

PLEASE NOTE: I am always happy to hear from family and community researchers, but I am not always able to respond.

I am not able to undertake research for you, but I will endeavour to answer specific questions relating to:

  • Chinese Australian families in New South Wales up to 1950
  • colonial and post-Federation anti-Chinese laws and policies (i.e. the White Australia Policy).

If you are interested in a paid commission, my fees are based on the Professional Historians Australia scale of fees (Historian Level 4).

My speaking schedule is currently fully booked until 2020.

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